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Do what you love, and diversify at the same time

I love announcing events, but I also enjoy some related activities: I DJ a little bit, I've acted, I write some, and I create short video content to show what I do. Recently, a friend of mine, Bill Arthur, asked me to work with him on a music video for his original song, "Fake Smiles". I was not going to appear in this, or have my voice heard, in any way. Rather, he asked me to serve as videographer, editor, and as a creative consultant. This was all a bit new to me, as I'd be charged with creating a visual story to match his song.

The biggest difference for me was working on an everlasting story, as opposed to working on a "chapter", if you will. Events are great "chapters", and you accomplish a bit in a short time, but they end, and you look toward the next one. A music video can be an everlasting story, one people look to over and over again, for a life lesson, a moving lyric, or simply to be entertained. With Bill asking me to be part of this, I stretched my skill set a little further, and I helped him spread a message of hope in times of despair. He asked my because of the small promotional videos I do from my events.

We can always have something we love to do, but being able to diversify from that center allows us to grow. I hope you all get an opportunity to find what you love, and find ways to grow from there.

And now, here is a link to my friend Bill Arthur's original song, "Fake Smiles".

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