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To go above and beyond, you must go...above and beyond

  • Published on February 20, 2017, LinkedIn

No matter what type of work you do, if you want to get ahead you must think ahead. Now for me, that means doing the "little bit extra" that sets you apart from others. If I am recording an audiobook, I change accents and my voice to convey different characters. This makes it more interesting for the listener, rather than a series of "...said Aunt Mary", or "...Officer Smith stated". When I do public address work, I apply the same thinking: what can I do to make my presentation more interesting and more valuable, so I am not only asked to return, but others may seek my services as well. You have to do your local homework, reading athletes guides and learning elite clubs and runners when doing a race. For basketball games, you emphasize the home team players, but also respect the visitors, and do your homework there, so if a special event - say, career point one thousand - occurs for a visiting player, you can acknowledge the occasion properly. But what about the events you know your returning to? After a while, do you just "cap it" at the homework you've done? To me, the answer is no. You can always improve, in yourself, and in your presentation, and sometimes that means thinking a little outside the box. Recently, with a job with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, I served as host for their city wide tumbling championship meets. I knew the different programs competing, I have already added music for warm ups to previous efforts, and I add music for the awards as well. The kids think it feels like the Olympics! So, what next? Well, the Olympics have a video record of their events, so why not? A simple one or two minute fully produced and edited video can highlight the atmosphere of a meet, and it affords you the opportunity to publicly thank the staffs, coaches, parents, and participants who make the meet a success. They gave a lot of effort for their three minutes on the mat, the least I can do is help them enjoy it a little bit longer. Not everyone can win at a meet, but they can all feel like they were in a winning atmosphere. It never hurts to go above and beyond. All you have to do is go...above and beyond.

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