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Offering a variety of audio and voice services to make your event or project the best it can be! 
Whatever your event - High School basketball, professional soccer, municipal marathon, celebrity softball game - John McBride is THE right choice to make it a top tier event! 
John has lent his vocal skills to Independent Films such as "Meeting MacGuffin", where he voiced five characters, including "Hitch"! John is also proficient at impressions. 
John also can provide video editing, filming, graphics, royalty free music, and production, and will work with your still shots to bring your vision to life. 


John McBride can add to the quality of your radio or television broadcasts. Whether you seek a voiceover for a commercial , PSA, or "drop ins" for your show, John will deliver what you need when you need it! Listen to samples on this page, and tune in to the Cyndy Drue Show on Saturdays 11am on 102.9fm MGK in Philadelphia!

Sporting Events

Character Voices

Audio Books
Do you have an audio book or project you'd liked recorded? John McBride is a veteran of audio book recordings. Here are just 2 of his 20 titles with audio samples available on Audible (also available on Amazon and iTunes):
ARTHRITIS IN DOGS by Dr. John T. Shokoff
COMMUNICATION by Mark Von Erikkson

Video Compilations

Commercial Broadcasts

Project and event costs vary. Feel free to contact us with any questions and we'll be glad to provide you with a quote! 
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